Hey, I'm Daniel.

I'm a software developer.


I'm a software developer, currently working on tools and web apps for an animation studio in Portland. I help to design and implement web apps and other tools that allow artists to access crucial information, improving efficiency and productivity throughout the studio.

In my spare time I like to climb, knit and snowboard. Snowboarding has always been a family activity for me, and through my childhood the drive to Mt. Hood or Bachelor became a ritual. From a young age I've had a respect and love of the outdoors, and I've carried this with me to my more recent interest in climbing. Lately I've been particularly interested in multi-pitch trad, a style of climbing that allows you to ascend bigger walls with no pre-placed gear. The newest of my hobbies is knitting, something I picked up out of curiosity and it has stuck with me as a relaxing way to unwind (plus, who doesn't love a knit beanie?).


Feel free to send me an email or reach out using any of the following links.